Memorial finished for V.E. Day 75

I’m pleased to announce that the carving of the standing stone memorial for the Gordon Highlanders Regiment has been completed. Due to COVID travel restrictions, the delivery and installation are being delayed. Hopefully that can be arranged soon.

My father, Bill, was able to pose next to the finished memorial with a Gordon Highlanders dram, in his Gordons glengarry and trews to commemorate VE Day 75 years on, pictured below. Bill served with the regiment for 22 years as did two of his uncles before him. Charlie and Geordie Michie fought with the Gordons in WWII in SE Asia before being captured and taken POW to work on the Thai-Burma railway.

To learn more about the regiment you can visit the Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen or CLICK HERE
For more information on The National Memorial Arboretum CLICK HERE

Gordon Highlanders Memorial VE Day 75